It's all about the nurses!

A little about the founder and how it works!

The makings of Nurse Aid Kit

Being a nurse is not for everyone. We work hard to help those who are sick, elderly, and dying, working long hours on our feet and missing lunches and breaks to put our patients first. Our profession sometimes requires personal sacrifices, but we truly love what we do and are passionate about providing exceptional patient care because we care about people.  

Nurse Aid Kit was created by a nurse who certainly understand the efforts of working at the bedside. Nancy started her first nursing job in a step-down unit. She later moved on to critical care and currently works in the ICU. With the help of friends and colleagues, she created Nurse Aid Kit for nurses, especially those who work at the bedside or provide direct patient care. It’s a monthly reboot and reminder to take care of ourselves so we can better take care of others.